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12 Noon, Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


Present:M Boyette, Ernie Brame, K Brinson, P Boucher, S Henley, C McLamb, K Henthorn, B Dixon, J Godfrey

Absent: T Stewart, M Patel

Staff:D Bailey-Taylor, A Phillips


I.Call to Order – E Brame, Chairman

E Brame called the meeting to order at 12:20pm and stated that a quorum was present. With no corrections, the agenda was adopted. Brame asked for a motion to accept the June minutes that were previously sent to the Board.

B Dixon motioned to accept the June minutes as presented.M Boyette seconded.Motion passed unanimously.


June Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for June was $66,050.01. Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $24,573.89. Month-to-Date Operations were $84,645.59.10. Net Income for the month was -$43,169.47.Year-to-Date Revenues were $861,146.55. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $292,826.63. Year-to-Date Operations were $563,166.53. Year-to-Date net income was $5,153.39. The May revenues were $48,752.37. Smithfield’s May Revenues were $13,993.88. Selma’s May Revenues were $7,740.44. Kenly’s May Revenues were $1,864.36.Benson’s May Revenues were $114.03.

July Financials

Month-to-Date Revenue for June was $93,649.11. Month-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $24,168.77. Month-to-Date Operations were $29,800.68. Net Income for the month was $38,679.66.Year-to-Date Revenues were $93,649.11. Year-to-Date Human Resources expenses were $25,168.77. Year-to-Date Operations were $29,800.68. Year-to-Date net income was $38,679.66. The June revenues were $54,329.49. Smithfield’s June Revenues were $14,855.39. Selma’s June Revenues were $7,329.57. Kenly’s June Revenues were $794.23.Benson’s June Revenues were $748.85.

D Bailey-Taylor stated that June revenues were down and the bureau did not make budget for 2012/2013, however we held expenses down as we saw the trend of the last few months.

IV. Special Projects Committee – T Stewart

In the absence of T Stewart, E. Brame presented the Special Projects information. Special Projects Committee met prior to the board meeting to approve Special Events Grant Applications that had been received.

Major Festivals that have been submitted and received $1,000 each are: Mule Days, Clayton Harvest Festival, and Bentonville Reenactment, Selma Railroad Days. Those that have been received and are waiting for complete details before payment are: Ham & Yam Festival and Strawberry Festival.

The following applications have been received and await approval of the board for payment in the amount of $500 each are: Clayton Shindig, Wilson Mill’s Pumpkin Festival, Ava Gardner Festival, and Town of Benson’s Fourth of July 2014. Four Oaks Chamber of Commerce had submitted two applications prior to the new guidelines going out. These requests were: $500 for Johnston County Men’s Amateur Golf Championship and $250 for Living History Event. Under the new guidelines the maximum amount that can be given an individual organization is $500; therefore the Four Oaks Chamber event for Living History would not be eligible for payment.

B Dixon motioned to approve payment for each of the applications in the amount of $500.K Brinson seconded.Motion passed unanimously.

D Bailey-Taylor asked the committee to help clarify the guidelines and answer the question as to why the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium is not eligible for Capital Grant funds. According to the guidelines there is a cap of $50,000 per organization. The Auditorium is not eligible since they received $230,000 (half of the occupancy tax for 1987/88). Lengthy discussion was had about the guidelines. B Dixon stated that until all organizations that were eligible to receive funds had reached the cap of $50,000 that the bureau should hold with the ruling that the Auditorium was not eligible for additional funds. E Brame asked that D Bailey-Taylor send a letter to the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium along with supporting data as to why the Auditorium was not eligible for a capital grant at this time, however encouraging JCC to pursue grants for Howell Woods and the Arboretum.

During the full board meeting, the question of the capped amount of $50,000 for Capital Grants was discussed at length. The board requested that D Bailey-Taylor research the amount of grant funds that had been given to all organizations and determine the amount they might be eligible to receive in the future based upon the current guidelines. This information will be presented at the next board meeting in September for discussion and review by the board for possible changes.

V. Marketing Committee – P Boucher

Due to time constraints P Boucher gave a brief overview of the minutes that were presented to the board members, stating that the bureau was in the process of flipping billboards and simplifying the layout to emphasize the I-95 Exit Numbers. He also stated that the bureau would be changing the advertising campaign for Our State Magazine to include larger ads four times a year. These ads would feature fall festivals, Christmas, History Come Alive, and Spring Fun & Farms.

VI. Sports Council Committee – J Godfrey

J Godfrey stated that the Sports Council had met but did not have a quorum present. The next sports council meeting will discuss bike routes and DOT signage with a sample Resolution of Support for a County-wide Recreation Plan.

VII. Staff Report – D Bailey-Taylor

D Bailey-Taylor stated that D3000 software was up and running. Still have some areas that need tweaking. The 301 Endless Yard Sale was a success and that we hoped to follow up with a similar event that would pull the wineries, breweries, and distilleries together with the Ava Gardner Museum for the Ava Gardner Festival in October.

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – June

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 2,495

Year to Date visitor inquiries:28,208

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:
Southern Living – 258
AAA Go Magazine – 334

Oprah Magazine – 1,817

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000

New Record /Opened:Hibachi Grill (reopened in Pizza Inn location)

Closed:Pizza Inn (40/42)

Google Analyticsreport for June

www.johnstoncountync.org – 4,069 unique visitors, 10,436 page views

www.visitsmithfield.org – 7,112 unique visitors, 18,064 page views

www.visitkenly.org – 1,360 unique visitors, 4,122 page views

www.hamandyam.com – 373 unique visitors, 573 page views

www.visitbenson.org – 2,178 unique visitors, 4,576 page views

www.visitfouroaks.org –708 unique visitors, 2,063 page views

www.visitclayton.org- 790 unique visitors, 2,117 page views

www.visitselma.org – 1,486 unique visitors, 5,953 page views

www.muscadineheritagewinetrail.com – 421 unique visits, 1,135 page views

www.301endlessyardsale.com – 8,395 visits, 28,985 page views

Summary of Visitor Inquiries and Distribution – July

Visitor inquiries: pieces of literature mailed: 1,586

Year to Date visitor inquiries:1,586

Visitor Inquiry for Advertising Source:
Compass – 157

NC Civil War Traveler – 131

Oprah Magazine – 1,177

New and Inactive IP Records in D3000

New Record /Opened:

Sandhills Tobacco and Wine Shop
Ditto’s Upscale Resale

Clockwise and Otherwise

Closed:Smithfield Farmer’s Market

Google Analytics
report for July

www.johnstoncountync.org – 3,443 unique visitors, 8,567 page views

www.visitsmithfield.org – 7,566 unique visitors, 17,932 page views

www.visitkenly.org – 1,307 unique visitors, 3,898 page views

www.hamandyam.com – 276 unique visitors, 401 page views

www.visitbenson.org – 1,644 unique visitors, 3,549page views

www.visitfouroaks.org –730 unique visitors, 2,143 page views

www.visitclayton.org- 1,381 unique visitors, 4,278 page views

www.visitselma.org – 1,391 unique visitors, 6,632 page views

www.muscadineheritagewinetrail.com – 509 unique visits, 1,441 page views

www.301endlessyardsale.com – 287 visits, 436 page views

www.americasmainstreetnc.com – 116 visits, 137 page views

VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business

Rick Childrey with the Smithfield/Selma Chamber sent an email asking for payment for May 2013 and for back payments of the 3% incremental increase from 2010 to 2012 the chamber did not receive. An in-depth discussion was had about whether or not the Bureau had fulfilled the contract and payments due to the Smithfield Selma Chamber of Commerce. The issues at hand were the end date of the agreement and the chamber’s response to the authority’s vote to suspend the 3% increase in June 2010 during the recession. D Bailey-Taylor provided the board copies of the agreement and a spreadsheet of payments to the chamber since May 1, 2009 to April 30, 2013.

M Boyette motioned to pay the Smithfield Selma Chamber an additional $3,246.4 for both the 3% and the month of May 2013.The motion failed for the lack of a second.

J Godfrey motioned to pay the Smithfield Selma Chamber an additional $2,099.08 for the back 3% increase.The motion failed for the lack of a second.

B Dixon motioned to pay the Smithfield Selma Chamber an additional $1081.50, a onetime payment for May 2013 that does not extend the contract. M Boyette seconded. Motion passed with a majority 7 to 1. J. Godfrey voted no.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Boyette, Secretary/Treasurer

Next Meeting
County Tourism Authority
12 Noon, September 4, 2013
Board Meeting
Visitors Bureau Administrative Offices


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