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Johnston County Visitors Bureau exterior and interior

Before you go……
Refill any prescriptions and pack over the counter medications
Make sure all vaccinations are up to date
Make a list of medications (dosage and frequency) and doctor’s numbers to carry
Convert cash to traveler’s checks or plan to use credit cards
Pack electrical socket covers and other child safety devices to childproof the destination spot
Don’t forget the sunscreen!!!!!
Be sure your cell phone is charged and pack a cigarette lighter charger kit.
Become familiar with local traffic laws.
Give the car a tune-up and safety inspection.
Get a full night’s sleep the night before a trip.

Packing your emergency travel kit....
First aid kit
Flashlight with extra batteries
Flares and white flag for indicating stress.
Jumper cables.
A car jack and ground mat for tire changes.
Work gloves and a change of clothing
Basic repair tools.
Duct tape.
Extra water and paper towels.
Non-perishable food.
Extra prescription medications.
Windshield washer fluid.

Arrange to have a neighbor watch the house and check mail.
Make sure hedges are trimmed to eliminate easy spots to hide.
Make sure the outside of the home is well lit.
Put timers on lights, radios and televisions.
Leave blinds open, but move valuables out of sight.
Leave the air conditioner on.
Turn the ringer on the house phone off.
Give a friend or family member a copy of itinerary and emergency numbers
Ask a neighbor to park in the driveway or parking spot.
Arrange to have the lawn mowed.
Unplug all appliances (except refrigerator, freezer and timers)
Turn off water to sinks, toilets, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines
Turn hot water heater to lowest setting.
Unplug the automatic garage door opener.
Put rods in the tracks of sliding glass doors.
Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
Double-check homeowner’s insurance policy.

One the road…..
Stay alert.
Wear a seat belt.
Don’t drink and drive.
Use approved child restraints
Be patient and obey the posted speed limit.
Don’t tailgate.
Watch out for road debris.
Avoid in-car distractions.
Stop in a safe place to nap if you’re sleepy.
Travel at times when you are normally awake.
Take a break every two hours or every 150 miles.
Drink a caffeinated beverage and wait about 30 minutes for it to enter the bloodstream.
Pre-program radio stations for easy access and select CDs before you start driving.
Keep the radio volume low enough to hear sirens, horns and screeching.
Designate a passenger to be a navigation “co-pilot”
Avoid talking on cell phones while driving.
Make sure pets are in a carrier.
Do not eat while driving.
Keep gas tank at least ¼ full.

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