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Johnston County Visitors Bureau exterior and interior


Local tourism research and data provide valuable insight needed to help you make the best marketing decisions possible. View monthly and annual visitor profile reports, and review the results of the comprehensive 2005 Visitor Profile Study. This section also gives a numerical picture of tourism's powerful impact on the area, and includes information on how local bed tax funds are allocated.

Value of Tourism

Tourism Is a Vital Component of Our Economy

The travel and tourism industry is one of the United States’ largest industries, generating $739 billion in travel expenditures this past year and $116 billion travel-generated tax revenue. Travel and tourism also is one of America’s largest employers, with 7.7 million direct travel-generated jobs.

Here in Johnston County, tourism employs approximately 4,500 people full and part-time. We receive approximately 9 million visitors a year just in our outlet centers that help generate approximately $179 million in visitor spending. Just this past year, the Tourist Tax collection generated $610,000 dollars.

Not only do we benefit from the economic impact of the industry in dollars and cents, but we also benefit from the quality of life to which it contributes. In essence, tourism is a tool for enhancing what we love about our county - from its small town charms to its history and culture.

Bed Tax Information

The (JCCVB) is funded by a three percent (3%) occupancy tax collected on accommodations county wide and additionally a (2%) occupancy tax in the municipalities of Benson, Kenly, Selma and Smithfield. The funding is allocated in the following manner:

30% - human resources

54% - advertising and promotion

14% - operations

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